Sunday, July 18, 2010

Arrival in Juarez

Hello everyone! We safely made it to Juaréz and are settling into the casita (little house) at the Emmanuel Ministries Children’s Home. The crossing was relatively smooth, and it has already been awesome getting to see the staff and children again. We also met a gal from Wisconsin whom we’d met on a past trip. She will be joining our group for various activities. Please pray that we learn to listen to God as a group (and as individuals, though God seems to already have been helping most of us do that) and that He continue to help us love one another and all around us. May our eyes be opened for opportunities to serve even when we didn’t originally plan to serve in the way God has planned for us. Thanks again for your prayers and support. Hopefully we’ll get some pictures from Mexico up soon (the only ones in my camera are from the trip down and the other cameras haven’t been downloaded to the laptop yet. Vaya con Dios! (Go with God).--Brandon

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